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O rozvodoch: video (
Aj malí géniovia sú náchylní na impostor syndróm – rozhovor pre Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Slovensko, SRo1: audio (
In love with wrong person: video (
Marriage in crises: video (
Generation differences: video (
Depression and bad mood: video (
Mothers role in society: video (
Patchwork families: video (
People can’t just break down easily – interview for Trend:
How to handle actual situation? – interview for Soda O2 magazine:
How to avoid submarine dissease – video interview for Bratislava region magazine:
We don’t have a time for our hobbies so our mental health suffers – interview for
High self-confidence is not the cause of our success – interview for
Psychologist about the effects of coronavirus – interview for
People with high self-esteem don’t have easier life… – interview for
Manipulation in relationships – interview for
Relationships – interview for Radar magazine: JPG 1 (
, JPG 2 (
How to cope with death – interview for Radar magazine: JPG (
Our lives are fast and superficial – interview for Radar magazine: JPG (
Criticism and self-examination – Feminity magazine: článok (


How to be a good parent and teacher for a child – interview for Zdravie – Bratislavský kraj:
About the aggressiveness of children – interview for Metropolitná TV:
Younger and younger children suffers from burnout – online interview for Hospodárske noviny:
Don’t ask kids how was school – interview for TV
How to comunicate with children about the coronavirus – interview for Metropolitná TV:


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