Mgr. Taisiya Narozhna

I am a psychologist and I deal mainly with expat clients, because I have a lot of life experience with living abroad.


I understand well the joys and difficulties that people in a foreign country and culture can be faced with;
feelings of misunderstanding, isolation from loved ones and helplessness towards the system are very common. I know what migration and constant adjustment mean for accompanying partners, or what it is like for children to grow up in a “third culture”.
Living abroad puts enormous pressure on the whole family system, so difficulties with raising children and marital discord are common.


My psychological services are dedicated to a wide range of people working in the private sector, public administration, non-profit organizations or international schools, or those who are currently escaping from the war.


Online sessions are available of course in case of client preference.


I work in Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian and English.


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