Mgr. Mária Jančinová, PhD.

As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, my practice primarily involves working with children, adolescents, and their families. My experience spans more than eight years at a hospital-based children’s clinic, where I dealt with a myriad of challenges, from serious health problems to anxiety and depressive symptoms, and from acute and chronic stress to relationship and academic issues, among others.

My approach to my profession hinges on the principle of holistic understanding. I strive to comprehend and support my clients and their families as they navigate through life’s difficult circumstances. My interpretation of children’s and adolescents’ issues is heavily anchored in the context of their family dynamics and the broader social system they inhabit.

My educational background in psychotherapy revolves around the integrative method. This approach enables me to draw upon knowledge and techniques from diverse psychotherapeutic traditions, allowing me to customize treatment to match each client’s specific needs and experiences. Above all, I deeply value the creation of a secure, trusting, and respectful therapeutic relationship as a cornerstone of my practice.

I firmly believe that adversity is often transitory and that all of us have an innate propensity to grow and learn, given the right conditions, understanding, and a supportive environment. Theories of attachment and developmental trauma hold significant sway in my work, shaping my therapeutic style and technique. In addition to my foundational training, I have completed specialized coursework in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), among numerous other professional development programs. Moreover, I bring to my practice the invaluable experience gained in the academic sphere, which includes doctoral studies, scientific research, publication of scholarly articles, and instruction of select psychological subjects. Passionately committed to my vocation, I find immense fulfillment in the work I do. Fluent in both Slovak and English, I am able to provide services in both languages


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